Sunday, April 18, 2010

butterScotch pudding

One of my sisters just visited. I was telling a friend about her impending visit and my concern about what to make for dessert. I said, "She's gluten-free so I am at a loss. No cookies, cakes or pies. I don't know what to do!?" My friend was not all that helpful, although very interested in the gluten-free lifestyle. At the end of the conversation she said, "so what will you do while she's here, other than avoid gluten?"
I decided on Butterscotch pudding. She likes Butterscotch pudding and there is a recipe in The Blackberry Farm Cookbook that I have wanted to try. You mix egg yolks and brown sugar and Scotch. I had to use Bourbon because the only Scotch we had wasn't opened and I didn't want to open it for 2 TB and what difference does it make anyway? Then you caramelize sugar, no water, just sugar in a pot and watch it melt and brown. Swirl the pan, try not to panic. Add loads of heavy cream, then add that to the egg yolks and cook it all in ramekins in a water bath.
I did all this at 5 AM because that was the time I had and cooking that early, even as the coffee slowly seeps into the very dead brain, is a 3x slower than my already slow pace. Look at the recipe, 8 egg yolks, go to the fridge, look in the fridge, no idea what I need here, back to the recipe. Oh yeah, egg yolks. Get the eggs, put them on the counter, back to the recipe, how many egg yolks? Right, 8. OK what happens next, do they go in a pot, a large bowl? What about the whites? I could freeze them, but then what would I do with them. I could cook them. Right now? Aren't I doing enough? OK, set them aside for cooking later. Go to the cupboard to get a bowl. Wait, what size bowl do I need? How many eggs? Back to the recipe.
It takes forever, but by some grace of the Pudding Gods, I didn't leave anything out, or read 1/4 tsp salt as 1/4 C salt and I didn't even burn the sugar.
And I didn't overcook it which is what almost always happens to the chocolate pudding.
Served with whipped cream. It was very good, but the Bourbon was overpowering to me and I'd reduce to 1 TB next time. Or maybe Scotch would be better.
My sister was very complimentary, but thought it was a little too dense and rich and would improve with some lightening. Not sure if I could stove top cook and stir or maybe chill and then fold in whipped cream.
Even as it was, I didn't miss the gluten at all!

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