Wednesday, May 26, 2010

partaking of the ice cream making

I was visiting my sister, another sister, and we wanted to make a dessert and we had just been to her swanky new local ice cream spot-- salted caramel, malted chocolate with pistachio praline, gooseberry. I was looking for Thai basil vanilla and serrano pepper chocolate, but apparently they were sold out. We decided to make ice cream, normal ice cream. Normal strawberry ice cream. Strawberries are in season and every stand at her farmer's market had basket after basket, all red and bursty and perfumed.
We got the Cuisinart ice creamer maker, as recommended by C. Kimball and we made the custard base and froze the freezer bowl and 24 hours later we were ready to add the strawberry puree and start the freezing process.
I had read a few recipes, one called for just milk and cream and strawberries, most wanted some egg yolks, one wanted cream cheese, one wanted lemon zest and lemon juice. We opted for eggs, milk, cream and a vanilla bean. Lots of sugar. We had to freeze in two batches and I thought the first batch was insipid so I added some lime juice to the second batch.
When I read the instruction manual, after the fact of course, it said to add plenty of sugar because the ice cream tastes less sweet when it is frozen.
This is what I learned. Don't overfill the freezer bowl. The ice cream is definitely less sweet when frozen so unfrozen it should pretty much make your throat ache. Don't add lime juice. Let it freeze as much as possible in the maker and then it will be softer and nicer when you finish it in a separate container in the freezer. The batch I rushed was hard and crystallized. Also, more isn't really better when it comes to flavoring, it's just more. I thought that 6 C of strawberries for 2 qts of ice cream made an ice cream that was too strawberry-y. Also, next time I'll try fewer egg yolks, this recipe called for 9. My sister and I want something like Shrafts strawberry ice cream, or really any Schrafts ice cream and their vanilla was very white. I am guessing they went with one or none egg yolks.
The good news was that we did not get little ice butter balls. I am blaming my sister's cream. Its a sensible cook who blames her product.

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yum, sounds great. both ways...