Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chocolate Cake

Amos: don't you want to document it before I cut it?
Elise: no, it's just a chocolate cake.

Actually, no. This is cake nirvana. Cake bliss. Cake ecstasy. Cake heaven. Cake ambrosia. Cake luxury. Cake silk. Cake cashmere. Cake vicuna.

This is cake that makes you wish you had a hole in your stomach so you could just keep putting more and more in without getting full. But cake that is so amazingly good that you don't want to eat more than one piece because you don't want to spoil the perfect memory of it. Cake that makes you think dark thoughts about your husband when he walks anywhere near the side of the kitchen where it is. Cake that makes the newly gluten-free masses curse their mothers and throw their better selves overboard as they reach for a forkful, just another forkful.

Cake: Rosie's Famous Sour Cream Cake Layers from Rosie's All Butter, Fresh Cream, etc, etc

Frosting: one of the ones from the white Silver Palate - chocolate chips, butter, heavy cream and powdered sugar. I made two batches and used the leftover to make fudge.

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alison said...

OMG- that is the best description of cake I have ever read .. can you do some PR writing for DeLEssio's cakes ??