Monday, June 27, 2011


Hi Marg,

We have gone from no strawberries, to a few tasteless ones, to 4 different vendors at the market offering taste tests, each claiming to be "the best berry in the market". Extensive sampling led us to settle on The Berry Dude, in spite of his oft repeated motto - there's lots of berries but only one Berry Dude.  Honestly, that almost had Amos asking for his money back.

Speaking of which, I'm all about supporting local ag as you know, but $72 for 2 flats of berries? Really? are the gilded?

They are delicious, and we made two batches of jam and are still pigging out on the fresh berries. I tried to convince Amos to have strawberry rhubarb pie for his birthday but he wants gingerbread. None of this seasonal eating for him!

We made jam the way I've been making it for years - Sure Jell low sugar in a box. The low sugar part seems a bit of an overstatement since you use 4 cups of sugar to 6 cups of mashed berries. Amos' job is to stem and mash the berries, and hand me things and set the timer when there's a pot of berry pulp at a full rolling boil and I'm trying to keep stirring it while not dripping sweat into it. Team work!

The jam came out great and I made bread today so we are Set. The good part of working from home.

Love, Elise

PS and now? the strawberries in our garden have decided to get ripe!

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