Monday, August 20, 2012

Boat Food

Dear Marg,

You know we were on a sailboat for a week. You know Erin is a great cook. You know I like to eat and try to cook. What you may not know is how frickin' small boat kitchens are. First of all, they're not called Kitchens, they are Galleys. Not Gallows, though with all those ropes (called Lines) around and the steep narrowness of the stairs that lead into them, it's not out of the question.

And? No refrigerator. An ice box works surprisingly well, as I'm sure Gram would have told us. Actually, when we got back to the starting dock (Port, apparently) we discovered that there was in fact a refrigerator, we'd just been using it as an ice box.

But never mind. In spite of this, we turned out some amazing meals. All the credit goes to Erin who planned and prepped everything. I tried to be more help in the galley than I was in the sailing, which truthfully wasn't asking much. My greatest contribution to the sailing was in not having to be told to stay out of the way. I figured that one out pretty quickly, what with the Lines flying and the sails banging and the boat about to tip us all into the water like a Luge Sled only without tracks.

The Galley:

What it produced:

Lamb kebobs. salad and roasted potatoes, onions and zucchini

This is how we cooked the potatoes, onions and zukes

Chicken in a spice rub

Vinho verde, only more rosso than verde...

Composed crab salad, made with fresh caught Dungeness crab we bought on the docks at Friday Harbor

Aviation cocktails. I know, not really appropriate, but fabulous nonetheless


Even the leftovers were delicious

You would have loved the food. As for the rest of it, probably not enough happened for you. 

Love, Elise