Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baked Sunday Mornings Pumpkin Almond Cake

                The Baked recipe this week was for Pumpkin Almond Cake. I was reluctant to make this. I waited until after Thanksgiving so I was both sated and sick of cooking. It has almond butter in the frosting and I don’t like almond butter. A few years ago some cruel person told me about the carcinogenic mold in all peanut butter, and I switched to almond butter. I spent the next two years like a heroin addict in a methadone program. Last summer I went back to peanut butter and it has been bliss. I figure lots of things can kill me, and to badly paraphrase Clement Freud on healthy living, “you don’t actually live longer; it just seems longer.”
                But this whole Baked Sunday Mornings has the feeling of assignments and that, embarrassingly, brings out the apple-polisher in me, so I commenced baking.

                The recipe wants flour and almond flour. I actually had some almond flour, though I can’t remember why. I baked it in my cheesecake pan which worked a trick. The frosting calls for almond milk, and I substituted half and half. It also has a fair bit of salt, which helped.

               I can’t really criticize this cake. As a cake, it is wonderful, moist without being heavy, flavorful and not too sweet. It came out perfectly for me, so it must be a very forgiving recipe. The frosting is a good complement. The problem is me. I like raisins and nuts in my pumpkin cake and there is the aforementioned aversion to almond butter.

               The bf loved it and took it home. 

                 Love, Margaret


Have Apron....Will Bake said...

Your cake looks lovely. Good idea using the cheesecake pan. I too am not a fan of almond butter. Next time I'm going to try cream cheese frosting. The cake itself is delicious. And I think raisins would be a good addition to this cake.

Candy said...

Your cake is beautiful! I love your plate!