Saturday, April 27, 2013


Dear Margaret,

At the end of his trek Amos had Chicken Parmesan in an Italian restaurant in Kathmandu. He described it as the best chicken he'd ever had in his life, which may have had something to do the trek and its diet of potatoes, cabbage and lentils.  Nonetheless, yesterday he set out to recreate it. He looked up recipes on line, read the one from Martha Stewart and never looked back. He also never looked at the recipe again. He made a shopping list, bought his ingredients and set to work. I stayed out of it, and out of the kitchen.

Sauteed garlic in olive oil, added a can of tomatoes and a selection of the contents of the spice drawer and reduced. Pounded the chicken breasts with a hammer from the basement, coated them in panko and sauteed them up.

This is where it began to go south. He had forgotten to put the parmiesan in with the panko, and forgotten that Martha had some advice about coating the chicken with egg before coating it with the panko.So he very cleverly made a bed of panko and parmesian in the bottom of the pan, thinking this would take care of it. Unfortunately, it burned in place.

But, you know what? We scraped the burned panko off and it was delicious. Next time - coating the chicken with milk, mixing the parm with the panko, and more oil for the frying part. and then, Kathmandu, watch out!

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