Monday, October 29, 2007

more spice cake

After the blackberry jam debacle cake, I tried a spice cake bundt cake. Started w an M. Stewart recipe, but she wanted cake flour and I only had all purpose. You can substitute bleached flour and some corn starch, but I didn't have bleached flour. Apparently the bleaching is important as it makes the whole thing more acidic. I just used all purpose flour and hoped for the best. I also couldn't be bothered to separate the eggs and beat the egg whites and fold them in at the end. Just added whole eggs. Also doubled or tripled the spices. It worked well. Tasted good, moist enough. I topped it with the penuche icing, which was runnier than before and not a good complement. Whipped cream would have been better.
Then I made an oatmeal cake, also with spices. Topped with a brown sugar, butter, coconut and pecan topping that you put on the warm cake and then place under a broiler until it bubbles. Over time the topping sort of seeps down and permeates the body of the cake. Worth waiting a day before devouring it. Now that is a good and popular cake.

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Stellasmydog said...

where the heck is that frosting recipe?