Saturday, October 6, 2007

Premature Baking - Elise

The kitchen is not near finished. However, it has a stove with an oven and that seemed, at the outset, to be enough. I set out to bake chocolate chip cookies, the first in many months, considering that the remodel began in July, and May and June were too hot for baking.

Trouble is, the stove and sink constitute the full extent of the items available, but not of those required. Everything else is, or rather was, in boxes. The mixer was on the floor, behind the extra bike tires. The spatula was in the former sauna/currently suitcase and toiletry storage. Suitcases and toiletries go together, don't they? Hot pads? Under the washing machine to keep it level to it doesn't spiral off its rocker and walk across the cellar floor and out the door.

The baking soda was missing so I used baking powder in the name of innovation. Instead of 1t. soda, I used 1 and 1/2 t. powder. The cookies don't spread out much, which means the centers stay nice and soft, but there is an odd thin crust encircling each one. Sort of like the rings of Saturn if you cut the planet off just below them. Or a fried egg.

While it's really exciting to have a stove and a sink, I think I need to wait a while before getting too wild with the whole baking thing.

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