Saturday, January 24, 2009

Christmas, New Years, The 8 days of Chris, and What I Baked

Christmas eve dinner and we needed something red. I have made the Nantucket cranberry Pie a few times, even once with tons of ginger, to gingery was my feeling. This time I had Sister Abigail to help so actually chopped the cranberries. For all of Laurie Colwin's Whateverishness, she wants you to chop cranberries and they go all over and it turns out a raw cranberry is the one thing Spaniel Duquam will not eat. But since Ab was here, she chopped them and we did it in batches in a mini prep. Turns out if you chop the cranberries, the whole thing looks a lot less like cranberry vomit. Ab doesn't like almond so she skimped on the almond extract. I think almond is something of which a person wants the exact right amunt and i could have gone wit a 1/4 tsp more. But lots of whipped cream and what's not to like?
Because Ab was visit I also made OMG brownies, forsted brownies that are just stunningly good, no matter how many times I have them, the first bite is always earth moving. And because it was Christmas and I baked for "gifts" I made Rugelah, Loro Brody's Rugelach. These are also a revelation, that something can be so consistently GOOD! Chris wanted some and I said, OK, but I'm giving them as presents, so just eat the unnatractive ones. He said, They are all unattractive.

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