Thursday, October 29, 2009

What the hell do you do with this?

Those tan things in front of the carrots are fresh ginger. Really fresh ginger from the Japanese farmer at the farmers market who grows all the crazy squashes. The skin is thin and soft like a young carrot and they are firm like a potato. They were so beautiful that I bought them not knowing what they would actually become. A friend told me that her acupuncturist told her that fall is a very good time to eat ginger, very healthy for you in fall.

Okay then, carrot ginger soup it will be. Chopped up about 1/4 c of the fresh ginger, which seemed like an awful lot of ginger, but I took courage from the acupuncturist's words.  I sauteed it with an onion (chopped also) in some olive oil, added carrots, probably about 8 or so. Then added chicken broth, probably about 4 cups and simmered the whole thing until the carrots were soft, and pureed with an immersion blender. It smelled great, it was the color of your best Halloween pumpkin dream, but it tasted about as exciting as boiled oatmeal. Lesson learned - really fresh young ginger doesn't have the flavor depth of older, wiser ginger.

Added dried ginger and some Lyle's golden syrup bc the carrots weren't very sweet, and then it was good.

Now what to do with the rest of the fresh young ginger?

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