Monday, February 8, 2010

blizzard cooking

What to make during a blizzard: Specialty cocktails, dire predictions, excited phone calls to envious relatives, self-satisfied pronouncements about what a great pioneer you would have been, extravagant promises to the deity of your choice.
What to eat during a blizzard: stew, mashed sweet potatoes, a green vegetable, chocolate.
What to eat on day one of the aftermath of the blizzard when you have no power but the gas stove still works: leftovers, tea, chocolate.
What to eat on day two of the aftermath of the blizzard when you still have no power, are running out of water (do you know the volume of snow you need to make enough water to boil and fill two sinks to wash dishes? I don't either, but that's because it is a whole huge lot): many many slices of bread with butter and cheese, butter and honey, butter and butter, butter mashed with brown sugar, tea, chocolate, Nutella.
I'm pretty sure that's what the pioneers had, pemmican and Nutella.

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