Thursday, February 11, 2010

What to eat after 12 hours in the car

12 hours of driving is how long it takes to get from Idaho to Seattle. It is a long time. A long, boring time. Since I severely injured my shoulder last time we did the drive by knitting for 11 of the 12 hours, yesterday I restrained myself. This made the drive significantly more boring.



Carrot chips, apple with cheese, cookies, dried mango, leftover chicken, a thermos of tea cooling to lukewarm by Pendleton, pretzels, dried cranberries and almonds with sea salt. By the time we hit the I90 bridge into Seattle I was full, tired, stiff, sore and bored. With a slight headache and a sore throat from yelling at my BRAND NEW DELL LAPTOP THAT WOULDN'T BOOT BEFORE WE LEFT IN THE MORNING. But that's another story.

So there you are, home after 12 uncomfortable hours. It's dark, the house is cold, you're tired, you need something warm and comforting and preferably healthy feeling, but you have no appetite. What you gonna make?

Poor man's souffle, as Amos calls it. This is slowly scrambled eggs with an ungodly amount of Parmesan cheese grated over them as they cook. Which is why I say healthy feeling. Hot, salty, fresh, a dash of protein to combat 12 hours of carbs, not too much bulk since there isn't much room anyway. Perfect.

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