Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Despite my better judgment and against all common sense gleaned from past experiences, I decided to participate in presenting a Thanksgiving. As I've noted, it's more than a meal, it's campaign.
I haven't taken responsibility for a holiday since my divorce 6 years ago. I've gone to someone's house, I've baked a pie. I occasionally listen to too many renditions of O Holy Night and race outside to string some lights, but I haven't actually taken one on and called it my own. But this year the bf is hosting his family, and I started to feel responsible. His kitchen is dirty, his house is a mess, his plates don't match, I don't think he owns a table cloth. Oh my God! He needs me!
A week ago I woke up at 4AM thinking about center pieces and it was too late to turn back.
But it was going to be OK. He is casual, his family is casual. I asked his sister if there were any family traditions I should be prepared for and she said, "Our only tradition is lousy food." I can do that. So I'd wipe a counter, donate a few napkins, light a scented candle and call it a holiday.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow and this is what I've done so far.
Visited the flower shop to choose vases, choose flowers, discuss arrangements and alternatives, "If you have the winter hydrangeas, then some of those with these small roses, but if you will only have these anemones, then the orangey roses, but not those salmon ones and then in this square vase."
Poured over cookbooks, designed different menus, wondered if serving mashed potatoes and dinner rolls would be carb overload, and if carb overloaded wasn't really the point of Thanksgiving.
Studied the hated November issues of several cooking magazines and pondered roasted vs. pureed parsnips.

Baked a practice pear tart and practice pumpkin bread pudding. (neither made the cut)

Pulled out all the matching table cloths and napkins I could find and set and reset the table with different combinations, trying to find one that was pretty and also hid the permanent stain on the only table cloth that was really large enough.
Carried the table cloths, napkins, votive holders, scented candles and eight chairs to the bf's house.
Braved Whole Foods where I bought a turkey AND a ham and some pomegranates for table decorations.
Scrubbed the stove, refrigerator and counters, vacuumed and dusted.
Cut some bittersweet to supplement the pomegranates, nuts, votive holders and flower arrangements because one of the tables had a few square centimeters not covered with decorations, and that table was looking rag tag and off-brand.
Baked two pecan pies.
Tried to find some of my old silver flatware to supplement the bf's.
Polished the silver.
And I fear I've left too much for tomorrow.
Love, Margaret


What Not said...

The bf sounds lame! Did he do ANYTHING? Will you come to my house for Xmas?

Stellasmydog said...

THEN what happened???