Thursday, December 2, 2010

Land O'Bland

Dear Marg,

I think there must be some mistake. You sent me this recipe and you wrote on it, "awesome!". See?
In the note you sent with it you wrote that it made you happy for TWO days - the day you made it and the leftovers the next day. Even though the recipe seemed a little lacking in flavor, I thought, well, Margaret knows what she's doing, Margaret's a great cook, Margaret and I have genetically linked taste buds.

Boy, was I wrong. If you could make oatmeal out of root vegetables, but without the nutty texture of oatmeal, and with sort of an anorexic sweetness, that's what this would taste like. Boring and bland, and not even healthy.

In the spirit of all those reviewers on Epicurious who say the recipe sucked and then list the 14 things they changed, I did substitute dried marjoram for fresh. But should that take it from awesome to beyond bland? 

The one redeeming part was the cheddar biscuit crust, but since I took your suggestion to double the vegetables, the ratio of crust to vegetable was strongly skewed in the wrong direction.

To cap it off we had eons of leftovers to get through before I finally composted the last 2/3rds.
So what gives? Did you really like this dish? Had you badly burned your mouth on hot chocolate the day you made this? Were you taking some fancy pain meds? Tipping back the Armagnac bottle?

Love, Elise


wyatteal said...

I don't really know what to say.

What Not said...

That's cold....