Monday, February 21, 2011

Brave about it

I remember the first time Andrew visited me at the ranch. I was probably 17 which meant he was 19. Mom and Dad had moved out of the Lancers but there was still a Jeroboam of Soave Bolla under the kitchen sink. And they bought cases of Olympia beer. A few days into the visit, Andrew told me that he wasn't enjoying the Olympia and asked if maybe Mom could get some Heineken. I told Mom that Andrew wanted Heineken, that he didn't like the Olympia. She said, "Well, he's being very brave about it."
I have had a yearning for Hermit cookies. Ali made Hermit cookies, so I have cozy associations, and it's cold and damp, and February takes FOREVER, so I want a warm, spicy, cozy cookie. You said that you like the ones from Rosie's All Butter Etc. cookbook, and I made those first. I thought they were too spicy, almost hot. I ate them all, but wanted something different. I also wanted to add chocolate, because I like chocolate with warm spices, although I understand that you do not. (Makes a horse race? Makes the world go round?) This time I tried the Hermit cookies from the C. Kimball Dessert Bible. His recipe calls for twice the molasses and half the spices. I added chocolate chips, about a cup, with the raisins, no nuts.
And two things became apparent. First, Hermit cookies are soft enough, especially since I under bake them slightly, that when you add chocolate chips which makes them even gooier, you really need nuts for a texture contrast. These are too soft and mushy. Second, chocolate and molasses clash.
But I'll be brave about it and eat them all.

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