Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chilly Hilly

Hi there,

The Chilly Hilly was both. Snow and rain on the last half of the ride, but fortunately we took the shortcut that cut off 10 miles. Our way was eased by lots of families with stands pedaling "hot chocolate, hot cider, hot coffee" as one 10 year old sang out.These girls were my favorite - rice crispy treats, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, and they'd made them all themselves. Now we're talking!

There were a surprising number of kids - on tandems, one set of two on a tri-dom with dad puffing hard going up the hill, and even one who looked to be about 8 riding the whole thing on his own. Wow.

These guys rode the entire 33 miles with 3 cases of beer.  I think they would have had a lighter load if they'd chosen a ride in August.

Came home to leftover Turkey Tagine - 3 super foods to fight all the free radicals. Thanks for the tip.

Love, Elise

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