Saturday, September 1, 2012

You know that thing on the radio...

Hi Marg,

you know that show on NPR where people call up and tell the professional chef what's in their fridge and the chef has to make a meal out of almond butter and lemons and eggplant? That's kinda what happened here.

I had a few bags of frozen tomatoes from last year that I wanted to get rid of so I can feel good about putting up more this summer. Side note - this year I'm going to make the sauce first. The frozen tomatoes got a lot of frost in their bags which turned into tomato flavored water when it melted. Tasty but odd looking.

I had a shallot. There was basil in the garden. And some leftover fresh crab meat. The chef on the radio never has it so good.

a bag of frozen tomatoes, about 6. would be better with fresh
half a green pepper
Put it all in the Vita Mix and whir the shit out of the fucker. To quote Bill Buford.

Crab Toasts
fresh crab meat
mayonaise, ideally not the gross kind from Whole Foods made with olive oil, but you do what you can
Mix together the first 3 ingredients and apply to 4th ingredient.

We ate it on the back porch as the sun set behind the hill. Not half bad.

love, Elise

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