Monday, January 21, 2013

Compare and Contrast

Dear Marg,

Amos and I went to Mom's for Downton Abbey last night. Dessert was ice cream and your butterscotch sauce. Mom and I were musing over the fact that you no longer like it, and even consider it too sweet. You prefer caramel sauce. Since neither of us can fathom anything better than Mrs. Bentley's butterscotch sauce we were perplexed.

Then we realized that without actually tasting the caramel sauce we would have no way of comparing the two. We think you should send us a jar of caramel sauce so that we may properly compare and contrast and form our own opinions.

All my love,


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K Torgeson said...

Hi Marg and Elise!

Love your blog - so much fun and such great recipes, pictures and stories!

And, just to add, if you REALLY want an independent view on the caramel vs butterscotch sauce debate, I would be happy to be a volunteer taster ... you just need to share the recipes or ... a jar of each :)

Big hugs and best wishes for the new year!