Friday, February 15, 2013

Cleaning out the freezer

Dear Marg,

My hairdresser has inspired me to be more vigilant on energy conservation. Enlightenment comes from many directions. I've decided to empty the freezer in the basement and unplug it. There's not much in it anyway, just a few ancient pieces of meat and some of Scottish Highlander beef that will easily fit in the freezer in the kitchen.

The first ancient piece of meat was a Ham Roast, I think from the pig that Bruce and Kiki raised while they were still married and they've been divorced for at least 12 years. I fed it to the coyotes, or at least I tried to. Pemba did her coyote impersonation and got some of it. The magpies got a bunch. Abby's dog Pete scented it from 200 yards away and quartered through deep snow to reach it. I finally put it in a tree.

The second ancient piece of meat was Leg of Lamb, labeled Not for Sale. I don't recall it's provenance. Lamb stew seemed an acceptable destination for it. I imposed upon Amos to cut it up, thinking what a horrible job that would be. Turns out it had no bone so he made short work of it.

I made Lamb Stew with Figs and Lemons from Epicurious. Changed a few things because, really, who has a 14 oz can of tomatoes on the shelf?

It was yummy. And totally Paleo.

There's one more ancient piece of meat. Thinking the coyotes deserve another crack at it.

Love, Elise

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