Friday, June 28, 2013

Further Adventures with Kefir

                I’m still making kefir, producing kefir, growing kefir. Whatever.  All I know is that the kefir grains are growing and growing and I have more and more kefir. The dogs are now eating kefir. His Lordship has taken some and enjoyed it. And still the kefir grains continue to grow. I think the person who made that movie, The Blob, was growing kefir. 

                I’m not complaining. OK, I’m complaining a little. But the kefir is good and since I discovered the second fermentation, it is really good.
                For a second fermentation, I strain the kefir the first time to remove the grains. I then put it in a new, clean jar, add some citrus peel or a few berries, something to encourage more fermentation, grapes would probably work. The permeable cover goes back on the jar and it spends another night on the counter. 

             That’s it. Twice fermented kefir.

                I use it immediately or put it in the fridge for later. I think it is good for it to have a second day with the permeable cover, let it to adapt to the chilly environs with plenty of air. After that I leave a real lid on it. Once the real lid is on the jar, it needs to breathe every 24 hours. It also needs to exhale, and if not allowed this respite, the jar can explode. I don’t think His Lordship attends to this part. I’ve warned him about the risk of explosion, but he remains cavalier.
  Salad dressing or raita;

with berries, dried fruit or nuts; 

in smoothies; kefir is an ingredient that can go from sweet to savory, from breakfast to dinner, from counter to table. Like the perfect pocketbook, it will overcome cheap shoes, like real wicker, it will allow you to say, “It’s real wicker.” In other words, you can gloat.
                And I have too many Kefir grains. If anyone wants a starter kit, I’ll provide grains, a jar and a quart of raw milk. The smugness will come from you.

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