Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ribs again

Dear Marg,

It's been a braised pork month. Pork shoulder two weeks ago and ribs this week. The usual soy and orange ones from Epicurious. I add fresh ginger. Usually I add cornstarch to the sauce at the end - just mix a tablespoon or two with some sauce and then stir that back into the simmering pot - but this time the cupboard was bare of cornstarch. How a person uses up an entire box of cornstarch is beyond me.

The sauce was very liquidy and consequently didn't sit on top of the ribs when I grilled them but rather ran off the sides and threatened to douse the flames. Not as successful but we managed to choke them down. 

Served them with kale from our vacationing neighbors never ending CSA, joining the masses worshiping at the redemptive shrine of this woody vegetable. I felt like Grandma Grace when she learned that cottage cheese was thinning and began adding a serving of it to every meal.

Love, Elise

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