Sunday, January 3, 2010

any excuse to bake

I got a new non-stick bundt pan. I was tired of buttering and flouring and still the cake would stick, at least chunks of it and it seemed like a lot of work for pretty paltry outcome. So I decided that unless I can use parchment paper, it is Pam or non stick for me. I'm fascinated by the silicon pans but also a little troubled and so I haven't bought a silicone bundt pan. I got a regular non stick and I baked the Morning Apple Cake.
This is a cake that I made a hash of a few months ago, but still marked it down as my favorite apple cake.
I followed the directions. OK, I chopped the apples in the food processor instead of grating then and I substituted some brown sugar for white, but other than that, and a little extra salt, I followed the directions. And it baked, and it baked, and it baked. The recipe calls for 1 hour at 325. I went an hour and half, finally got a clean tooth pick and took it out and let it cool in the pan, as instructed.
When it was cool and I turned it out of the pan, it slid right out. A thing of beauty.
I had a piece. It was all but runny in the center. Not a moist cake, a raw cake.
The recipe required me to peel and chop 5 apples and that is time consuming, so now I was mad. Cursing Emily Luchetti and her f&%@ing Stars f!*^ing Desserts, I fell asleep composing the email I might send her, the review I'll give her book on Amazon.
The next day I tried again. And this time, as my sister would say, "I cooked the shit out that fucker!" 2 hours at 375. It was a little less easy coming out of the pan but it emerged intact and the result was a very moist cake with a marvelous apple flavor. You wouldn't serve it to company but you would be delighted to have it around. I'll hold off on reviewing Emily's book.
I wasn't sure if maybe, God Forbid, it was the new shiny slippery pan that was causing the problems. So today I made the Cake Bible pound cake. I've made that often, I know it, I like it, I trust it. The pan was too big, but other than that, it baked that cake just fine and released it when asked.
My bf asked me why I was baking a third cake in as many days and I explained it all to him. He said, "You don't really need an excuse to bake."

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