Thursday, January 21, 2010

self soothe

The R's took Ted Kennedy's seat and the D's lost their filibuster proof majority and if ever there was an extraordinary circumstance and a valid reason to bake, that would be it. I could use the illusion of control, the distraction, the results. I wanted some OMG brownies. But it was late and I was tired so I had sausages, (humanely raised pork bratwurst) mashed potatoes and braised cabbage. Then half a big bar of dark chocolate and some bedtime tea with several TB of really raw honey. That is the ur-comfort meal.
For the cabbage, you thinly slice the cabbage, melt a couple TB butter on low, add the cabbage, some salt and a little water, enough so that when you cover the pan and let it steam, saute, braise, the cabbage becomes meltingly soft and doesn't brown.

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