Monday, August 9, 2010

Chocolate, Cubed

Dear Marg,

I'm sorry about this post. I know you are in your my-race-is-two-months-away-so-can't-sully-my temple body-with-white-sugar-and-fats mode, and I was going to blog about this really great pasta I made, since it would help you with carbo-loading. (Does anyone do that anymore?)

Anyway, I can't remember how I made the pasta, even though it was only a week ago and I have good pictures of it. I'm blaming it on jetlag. 

Instead, I am posting about the Chocolate Chunkers I made tonight from Dorie Greenspan's Baking From My Home to Yours. Do you remember when Mom gave us the list of words she thinks are tacky? Home, as in you have a lovely. Gift, as in I brought you a hostess. Do you remember any of the others? Tangent...

I made the cookies bc lately I've been fantasizing about making a cookie that tastes like Raisinettes. Since I've been in my oh-my-god-I'm-existing-on-sweets-and-this-has-got-to-stop mode lately, I've been having a handful of raisins with a few milk chocolate chips mixed in for desert. This tastes a lot like Raisinettes, which reminded me how much I love them. 

When Mot was living with us, we used to buy them by the gallon at Costco. No one in the family but me liked them and I LOVED them, so Mot would hide them and only bring them out when we were going to the movies. I'd take a plastic bag of them in with me bc the Costco variety tasted so much better than the brand name ones. Another tangent...

These cookies seemed like they might be an approximation. I was tempted to leave out the nuts since that seemed to put them more in the Chunky corner than the Raisinette corner. Wasn't that the name of that square candy bar with raisins and nuts in it? But I figured I owed it to Dorie to at least try to follow the recipe, at least once. 

My analysis - really excellent batter. Ratio of mixed in chunks of chocolate, raisins and nuts to batter is very high. Consequently, I won't really know for sure until they cool enough for the chocolate to harden. This hasn't stopped Amos and me from sampling extensively and pronouncing them quite good. Sorry. 

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wyatteal said...

I have made those cookies and they are awe-some! I've given them to people and always gotten bucket loads of gratitude.
In my no white sugar mode, for dessert I have coconut Popsicle and dark chocolate. Last night I substituted nutella for the chocolate. Tonight I had both. Dark chocolate is gross after nutella. Akin to milk after a grapefruit. Just as well, probably.