Saturday, August 14, 2010

If I were there

Dear Marg,

If I were there I would make dinner for you. I would start by making some homemade lemonade with a sprig of mint in it bc I know it's hot. Then I'd make turkey meatloaf, bc even though it's hot it's so very comforting. We could turn up the AC. I'd make it with shiitake mushrooms in it for the umami. I'd probably also make a big green salad with crunchy baby carrots from the farmers market and an English cucumber. The dressing would be a lemon vinaigrette, with maybe an anchovy mushed up in it for flavor complexity.

Or tomato corn pie bc I know you love it, and since I've never made it you could show me how. Or gougere, bc it's light, and would be good with the salad, and has eggs in it. Everyone knows eggs are soothing. 

Maybe a cold poached salmon with a yogurt and cucumber saucy with just a touch of cumin. Or chicken kabobs marinated in a turkish sort of marinade with olive oil and cumin and some fresh oregano. Both would be good with cherry tomatoes tossed with olive oil, S&P, and some cubes of feta, with chopped parsley sprinkled on top. Some crusty bread too, with butter.

For desert I'd make a peach blackberry crumble, mostly fruit and an oatmeal/nut topping with barely any sugar at all. We could  have it with ice cream or not, your call.

Love, Elise

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wyatteal said...

This made me cry when I first read it.
I would eat all of that. Including the ice cream.