Monday, December 23, 2013

A Tale of Two Cakes, or I Probably Shouldn't Admit This

I want it, I want it, I want it...

Dear Marg,

It's the holiday season. I guess you know that. But none the less, it means holiday dinners. In our case, two back to back with no overlapping guests. For the first one I made a chocolate cake from Nigella. I know, but I like her. I think she's funny and her recipes work out for me. She's not uptight about things like measuring or how the cakes look. And she uses words like squidgy. She is the opposite of Miette.

The cake was flourless, so basically eggs, butter and chocolate. It was supposed to rise and then fall in the center creating a volcano-like crater for the cook to fill with whipped cream, which it did. It was okay. People liked it, or said they did, but no one wanted to take the leftovers home. It was light and sort of gentle, in a soft way. Pretty but vapid. I prefer a chocolate cake with more fortza. Maybe the fact that it was called Chocolate Cloud Cake should have tipped me off. I resolved to do better and thought wistfully of the chocolate cakes I hadn't made - especially the Chocolate Cherry FruitCake from Ready for Dessert.

The next night I was behind before I began. Amos offered to go to the store which was sweet but since his day was full he didn't get there until late so I couldn't start on the Chocolate Cherry Cake because we didn't have the cherries. Since time was short, the book was out and chocolate cake was clearly on my mind, I quickly settled on Racine Cake and began cracking eggs and melting chocolate. It was only when I was folding the eggs into the chocolate that I realized I was making basically the same cake. A little more chocolate, a lot more eggs, but the same general idea. No flour in sight - where was Alison?

It was better than Nigella's with more body and presence, but still in the same cloud-like camp.

I think I'm gearing up for a bout of OMG brownies, or the chocolate sour cream layer cake from Rosie's All Sugar, Fresh Cream, Butter Packed, etc etc etc...

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