Sunday, December 8, 2013

Some of what I have been baking


I've been baking. The consequence of all that time spent on Yumprint.

         Salted butter chocolate chip cookies from David Lebowitz, baked as a Blondie. I made some caramel and drizzled that over the top before baking. Terrific!

           Hungarian Shortbread from Dorie Greenspan's Baking with Julia. You make the shortbread dough, freeze it, and then grate it into the pan. I used raspberry jam in the center. Next time I'll try apricot jam and tart it up with some lemon juice, the jam, not the shortbread. This keeps and gets better each day. You could bake it on Wednesday and add it to a Christmas Cookie tray on Saturday.

           Oatmeal Cookie Cream Bar and Pecan Praline Bar. That jar in the back is Cookie Cream, something that has the consistency of Skippy peanut better and the flavor of those Biscoff Biscuits. If you are right now thinking to yourself that you aren't familiar with Biscoff Biscuits, one taste would take you right back to any European airport. These are good and if you can get past the whole European airport association, they are very good. I can't get past it.
          The pecan praline bar is just what it looks like, pecan shortbread crust, chopped pecans and a topping of mostly brown sugar and butter poured over it. Then you bake it. These are really good and with a little tweaking, could be great.

So maybe it isn't me, maybe I haven't lost the baking magic. I wish you were here to taste test.

Love, Margaret

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Stellasmydog said...

Glad to see you are hitting your stride! I have a recipe for Turtle Bars that looks pretty similar to your Pecan Praline Bar. Makes me want one right now!